Timothy Estes

Specialty Costumer


Over a decade of experience in Custom Made Specialty Costuming, Leading Teams, and Managing Projects

Professional Testimonials

“Tim demonstrated superlative specialty costume skills. He was personable and professional toward all. Even when things got hectic during last minute changes. Mr. Estes kept up his energy level and attention to detail. He went above and beyond his duty to help us in many situations. Tim is thorough, friendly and helpful, has a clear sense of the responsibilities of his job, all qualities that made him an excellent addition to our department.” – Javier G., Specialty Keyperson

Tim is a very talented artist and a pleasure to work with. He’s very organized and has a very clear understanding of the build of a specialty costume. He can easily manage a team.” – Karen M., Specialty Keyperson

“Tim is an extremely organized and amazingly talented individual. He possesses the skills required to lead a team of costumers on a project and see it to completion.” – Michelle M., Specialty Manufacturer